Successfully defended an officer of a local company from being personally liable for an offence committed by his employers under the Security and Futures Act.

Successfully defended an accountant in a large family-owned company in Singapore against allegations of falsification of the company’s accounts and bribery.

Defended an employee of an investment company against allegations of insider trading under the Securities and Futures Act.

Finding the best criminal lawyer for your case

Arrested by the police and charged with a crime? Suffering as a victim of harassment? We understand how difficult and challenging these times can be for you. Regardless of the circumstances, we believe that everyone deserves the right to legal representation. You're not alone — let us help you.

Our SERVICES FOR Criminal defence

  • Corruption & Bribery
  • Fraud & Cheating
  • Computer crimes
  • Breach of Banking Secrecy
  • White collar crimes
  • Falsification of Company’s Accounts
  • Violent Crimes
  • Outrage of Modesty
  • Drug-related offences
  • Rioting
  • Criminal Trespassing
  • Offences under the Banking Act and Securities Futures Act
  • Assault & Affray
  • Theft & Robbery
  • Immigration-related offences
  • Insider Trading
  • Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT)

Timely legal advice for criminal defence cases

Here at RBN Chambers, we put our clients first when it comes to minimising damage and disruption from the allegations of criminality.

We firmly believe in timely representation at every stage of the investigation as this ensures that we take the earliest possible action on your behalf to mitigate undesirable potential consequences. While litigation may be a difficult and stressful experience, you can count on us to provide you with important advice on your rights and obligations, and guide you every step of the way.


Kenny Teo

I have consulted Ramesh a few times with regard to my business disputes and I am glad he is able to explain all the various legal issues in a simple manner that I can understand. I have engaged other lawyers before and it can be frustrating if they keep telling you jargons that you have no idea about. If you need a professional lawyer to give you the best legal advice with clarity, I highly recommend you to look for Ramesh.

Jonatus Tan

Chanced upon RBN Chambers after searching in Google to look for a reliable and knowledgeable lawyer to advise me with regard to a working partnership that turns sour. Ramesh and his team were very patient to provide the different courses of action. Because of their professionalism and the assurance they gave me during the whole process, I have a peace of mind to continue with the business while leaving them to deal with the legal problems efficiently. Big Thumbs Up!

How can our Criminal Lawyers help you?

Our criminal lawyers are experienced in providing legal advice and have represented clients for criminal offences under the Singapore Penal Code including outrage of modesty, rioting, criminal breach of trust (CBT), voluntarily causing hurt and drug-related offences.

We also represent clients for white-collar crimes (non-violent crimes commited for financial gains) involving corruption, bribery, offences under the Singapore Securities and Futures Act as well as offences under the Singapore Banking Act.

It is highly recommended for you to contact a criminal lawyer right from the onset of the investigation. We can provide legal advice if you:

  • Are under police investigation and required to attend a formal interview with police
  • Have been charged by the police and have to attend court
  • Have been served with a Private Summons Prosecutions / Magistrate’s Complaint
  • Want to initiate a Private Summons Prosecutions / Magistrate’s Complaint
  • Want to initiate an application for Prevention of the Harassment Act (POHA)

Arrest by the police

If you have been arrested, you have the right to contact a criminal lawyer to receive legal advice.

Interview with the police

It is recommended to engage a criminal lawyer before you go for a police interview to clarify your rights, obligations and any legal advice on any defence which may be available to you. Without establishing the defences during the interview, it may be extremely difficult to raise the same defences later in a court trial.

being charged with a criminal offence

As long as there is sufficient evidence by the authorities to pursue prosecution, you will be charged for the offences accordingly. The police will allow you to state a defence or plead guilty to any elements of the charge, should you wish to do so. It is imperative to engage a criminal lawyer as soon as you receive the charges so that you can be advised on the best course of action to take.

Whether your next move is to plead guilty or to contest the charges in a trial, you can be assured that our criminal lawyers will fight for your case to ensure that you receive a fair sentence in court.

Our Criminal Defence Lawyers
are ready to assist you

Ramesh Bharani Nagaratnam

Ramesh is the managing director of RBN Chambers. He is an experienced Criminal and Litigation lawyer, as well as a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) in Singapore. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the law and accountancy disciplines. SEE PROFILE

Eunice Ong

Eunice is part of the firm’s litigation and dispute resolution team. She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of Leeds and was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor in Singapore in 2019. SEE PROFILE


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